angeldylan628 (angeldylan628) wrote in soapboxblues,

lost drabble: sympathy for the devil (jacob)

Title: sympathy for the devil
Character(s)/Pairing(s): jacob
Word Count/Rating: 108, pg
Summary: the island's greatest victim will always be jacob.
A/N: Written for the lost_in_108 prompt, force

They curse Jacob because he demands things of them, trite offerings.

This is true misery: Jacob's forced to watch esau slowly decay over time until he is unrecognizable, cage him here and ignore the cries for help, but keep his eyes open as it happens.

Jacob was forced to convince himself that Esau was the evil that spread like wildfire here, not the island who whispers in people's ears the lie of destiny.

Jacob did not drive them mad with purpose.

It is Jacob who is sick, driven to continue because turning back would mean it was all for nothing.

The island's greatest victim will always be Jacob.
Tags: character: jacob, fic: lost
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