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lost drabble: a future/past consideration (richard/jacob)

Title: a future/past consideration
Character(s)/Pairing(s) richard/jacob
Rating/Word Count: pg, 108
Summary: Jacob would put the world on hold if it meant Richard would smile too
A/N: Written for the lost_in_108 prompt, vacation

"you need a vacation," Jacob smiles. Richard knows that to most people Jacob's emotion reads as condescending. Richard is not most people.

Jacob would put the world on hold if it meant that Richard would smile too. He's the only thing Jacob still genuinely cares about.

Jacob nudges Richard's foot with his own. "you're no good to me like this"

Every night Richard dreams that he is on that beach a hundred years ago. He dreams he takes Esau's knife and jams it into his own heart. He wakes restless and ashamed and confused.

Richard tries a smile. i'm no good to you at all.

It goes unsaid.
Tags: character: jacob, character: richard alpert, fic: lost, pairing: jacob/richard
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